the challenge

“Inspiration, Determination, Imagination, Dedication”

       -An exhibit showcasing the overlooked achievements of women.

Our team was tasked with developing a traveling exhibit in conjunction with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council which would highlight the achievements of a significant number of influential and historical women.  Each vignette had compelling facts and artifacts that told their story.

Our main design challenges were:

1. Which women do we want to include, and how much material is available to help tell their story?

2. How do we communicate the stories of 50+ women within the confines of a 20’x30’ space?

3. How do we make the space a tactile and engaging environment?

4. How do we present such a large amount of information that can be consumed in an impactful manner while holding the viewers attention?

The team began by researching a wide range of women, and then sifting through their stories one by one to pull out the best fifty. While the research was underway, our designers tackled the issue of space.  We sketched and brainstormed different presentation methods until we had the “a-ha” moment.

the solution

Each vignette would include a shadowbox with a door.  The front of the box would have the woman’s name and a portrait, which was produced by one of our talented designers. The inside of the box held the story of each woman’s achievements with a few relevant tactile artifacts, some with A/V presentations.   This allowed users to interact physically with the space, creating an engaging environment.

This solved several of our design challenges.  We were able to create an overall display similar to that of a portrait gallery, while containing a vast amount of information.  We were also successful in engaging the visitor by combining the artistic theme with promotional items, which included a coloring book, given to all attendees in the welcome package, and branded coloring pencils given away at the booth.  The booth also featured a large coloring wall, where visitors were encouraged to become part of the project.

Imagen’s in-house team developed the concept, researched and produced the content, designed the graphics and structure, and fabricated the display.

the finished product

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