the challenge
  • To design a rental solution for an unusual booth layout: 15’ x 60’
  • To incorporate and highlight Lochinvar’s very large equipment in an interesting way
  • To non-verbally communicate that a large group of their products are linked wirelessly to a new app
the solution
  • We designed the booth to have a very symmetrical appearance, much like a futuristic castle
  • We created 20’ tall towers so the equipment wouldn’t dwarf the display, and to get the branding as visible as possible
  • The center section contained a matrix linked 3 screen mosaic to present the corporate story via video
  • To show the products as linked, we inlaid the carpet with large contrasting curves, placing the products in the link inside the arc
  • The long narrow booth space was dealt with by staggering the back wall, giving each product a “home”
the finished product

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